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Why Mi-Roof?

1. Convenient access to your Roof Management program "any time, any place". All you need is a computer and internet access.
2. Cost-saving Roof Management application tool that puts you, the decision maker, in control of your roof repair and replacement program.
3. Provides you with a complete roof inventory of all your buildings including type of deck, insulation, type of roof, and up-to-date roof history. Mi-Roof allows the decision maker the opportunity to view existing conditions of each individual roof section surveyed and ascertain the life expectancy of that roof.
4. Provides the roof decision maker with a complete unlimited photographic library of each individual roof section, illustrating existing conditions or progress reports of repairs or replacement work being currently performed.
5. A unique "Leak Tracker" tool that provides access to "real time" current roof leaks and options on repairing leak remedies immediately. Each leak submitted is automatically updated on the licensees’ software. Licensee has the ability to forward leaks via email to the manufacturer of that roof system, the installer of the roof system, the design professional of the roof system, or the approved contractor you wish to repair the leak on that roof.
6. Provides the roof decision maker the ability to budget forecast into the next decade and beyond. Mi-Roof allows the roof decision maker to make pragmatic decisions about their repair or replacement options. Mi-Roof was developed to aid decision makers in preserving their valuable roof assets through asset preservation.
7. Mi-Roof is a unique, totally web-based tool that has been designed for decision makers with multiple operational sites or buildings that encompass hundreds of thousands of square feet of roof area with multiple roof sections.
8. Mi-Roof can be integrated into current roof management programs, including InfoRoof. A small fee is all that is required to make your Roof Management Program and current data compatible with the technologically advanced Mi-Roof application package. This valuable tool will save your company thousands of dollars in man-hours by not having to be redundant on data input.
9. Mi-Roof allows the end user to generate full colored instant roof reports for report presentations or hard-copy filing. Each licensee has a totally secured site accessible only through their Mi-Roof username and password.
10. Mi-Roof was designed for the roof professional, not the computer genius. You will not have to take a two-week class to operate Mi-Roof.

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