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Mi-Roof: "How it came to be"

Roof Asset Management is a complex, constantly changing, and dynamic process. A roof that is in fair condition in the fall could literally fail during a harsh winter season. A good roof asset manager has to be a long-term forecaster and magician when it comes to his building envelope, and the roof is the single most important component of the building envelope. Excellent roof asset managers will have countless man-hours in roof inspections, core analysis, thermo graphic imaging, data collection, data analysis, budget forecasting, and “real-time” communication between all parties involved with the roof decision making process. All good roof asset managers will agree that data management is the key to a proactive roof management program. Roof managers can save their companies large amounts of expense or capital dollars by implementing a strategic long-term roof management program.

The Mi-Roof Managed Internet Roof Solution was created by a group of industry experts with over 40 years of combined experience in the commercial roofing industry in all phases of roof management. The founders of Mi-Roof saw the need for a totally web-based application that could facilitate a roof managers responsibilities “any time, any place”. This group envisioned a roof management program that could be easily accessible and maintainable from any location in the world via the Internet. As leading roof consultants from all areas of the USA, the founders of Mi-Roof had been exposed to numerous desktop and partial web-based data management systems. But it was the continued consensus of these visionaries that each software program available in the market today fell short of meeting the ultimate needs and goals of the roof manager…A true interactive roof asset management solution - “any time, any place”.

The founders of Mi-Roof devised an outline for a totally web-based application package after several brainstorming sessions. The easy part was done. Now the founders of Mi-Roof had to research and interview the brightest programmers to make the Mi-Roof concept a reality. Finally, after three years in the making and countless hours of computer programming, revisions and updates, Mi-Roof has become a reality. Mi-Roof Managed Internet Roof Solution has all the application tools necessary to aid roof managers in diagnosing and forecasting roof replacement and/or preventative maintenance needs for their buildings for the next decade and beyond. This totally web-based application can be utilized “any time, any place” via the internet and is comprehensive of all variables that exist on your rooftop environment. The Mi-Roof solution incorporates all necessary data management and in “real time” communication that is critical to establishing a long-term roof management program. Mi-Roof Managed Internet Roof Solution will assist roof managers in extending the life-cycle expectancy of their roof assets.

Mi-Roof Managed Internet Roof Solution is the epitome of data management through an integrated web-based application. Mi-Roof is a culmination or wish list of all functions, features, and benefits that every roof manager needs to establish, forecast, and maintain current up-to-date data on their roof management program. Mi-Roof is a technologically advanced web-based application that is superior to other software applications available on the market today. The founders of Mi-Roof are confident that your company will benefit greatly through reduced costs and more manageable roof assets by purchasing this web-based application.

Mission Statement

"To provide exceptional technology, innovation, service, value, and quality to our clients in order to earn their high regard."

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