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Mi-Roof: "Leak Tracker - The Ultimate in Service..."

"Leak Tracker" is the first of its’ kind and the first major technological development offered in leak management control to the roofing industry. "Leak Tracker" performs functions never before made available for building owners and design professionals. It is truly a first in the service industry and in aiding building owners and design professionals a tool in controlling their roof management programs, including controlling and repairing annoying roof leaks! "Leak Tracker" will revolutionize the response time for building owners, design professionals, and contractors alike. Imagine having an annoying roof leak that is over a clean room, food processing operation, or expensive production line operation. Imagine having a leak in your school over asbestos containing insulation. The down time from the leak alone could cost your company thousands of dollars. The publicity and consequent litigation to a school corporation could be a nightmare. The Mi-Roof Managed Internet Roof Solution via “Leak Tracker” now allows the end-user the ability to geographically identify a leak problem area on that particular roof section. In addition, they have the ability to forward a detailed roof drawing outlining the area of the leak to the installer of the roof, the manufacturer of the roofing system, the design professional of the roof system, or the approved contractor. Or, you could send this leak to all of these parties or additional parties if required. “Leak Tracker” will allow you the ability to email the documented leak to as many parties as necessary, in order to get an immediate response to your roof leak problem.

"Leak-Tracker" doesn’t stop there! This application also provides an updated historical record of all leaks ever recorded and has the ability to generate these reports on a per-building section or even for the entire roof level where current leaks are active. This tool alone will be valuable to roof decision makers to ascertain if expense repair expenditures are exceeding the inevitability of roof replacement capital dollars. It will also help building owners ascertain the investment made in a particular roofing system, i.e. a single ply roof expenditure versus a built-up or modified roof investment. If problems persist on one system versus another, the building owner or design professional may elect to utilize the roof system that presents them with the least maintenance issues. Service departments will now have the ability to respond to roof leak problems in “real time”. Building owners will have the ability to record repair history, including the scope of work for repairs and cost of each repair made. "Leak Tracker" is a must have feature for building owners, contractors, and design professionals that are responsible for hundreds or thousands of square feet or multiple site operations. This tool will aid building owners in bringing repair and leak expenditures under control.

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